RJ Bee is a Dad

This is episode 36 of the podcast, 1 of 2 with fellow podcaster RJ Bee. RJ is quite an intelligent man. I don’t just say that because we share a very common interest in music, but because he has been working for years in the world of politics and communications.

When RJ and I first connected, we both asked each other if we thought we would be good guests on each other’s podcasts or not. It was almost like a lightning round on a game show as we took turns interrogating one another. I guess you could say that I won, since I got to have RJ on my podcast first. Which I am quite pleased about.

RJ is another in what is becoming a fantastically long line of guests who have very unique upbringings. He tells a lot about his youth throughout those times all the way through to the somewhat recent sudden loss of his own Dad. We discussed that at some length and there is a phone call between RJ and his Dad that we discussed in this episode that I’m at a loss for the proper adjective for. Serendipitous? Miraculous? Take a listen and you can decide for yourself.

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