Michael Shields: Writer, Podcaster, Father

Episode 57 features Michael Shields, editor in chief of Across The Margin (in its written and Podcast format). Michael not only has his "Beyond The Margin" podcast on the Osiris Podcast Network; he also is a part of the Welcome To The Party, Pal podcast and the God, Ween, Evan podcast. Yeah… I thought I was busy, too. Michael finds time for all of this, somehow, as well as for being a Dad!

Michael and I have wanted to sit down and do an episode for my podcast for a long time now. Somehow, I even ended up recording with someone he sent my way (Evan Kaufman) before I actually recorded with him! Finally, we made it work, and we probably could have talked all night.

I can definitely sense a difference in these conversations when they are done with other people who talk with people on a podcast. I think that became instantly obvious with Michael and me, as we were kind of all over the place from the moment we started recording.

To say Michael’s stories were unique would be a massive understatement. The story he tells about when his Dad nearly died some years ago had me in complete disbelief. Talk about events with truly amazing timing. You will want to hear him tell that story. I don’t want to spoil it here. Seriously. So, listen in. I will say: it was one of two experiences Michael has been through that has slapped him across the face with that truth of "life is fleeting".

Let me throw a little info out to you about his podcast. Across the Margin’s "Beyond The Margin" has had some fantastic guests, and I will throw out a few of them to you: Micah White who created Occupy Wall Street, Dr. Genevieve Guenther who runs End Climate Silence. org, Jack Bryan the documentarian behind Active Measures the famed Russia doc. I could go on…but he has had a great many other musicians, comedians, actors, writers, and more. So you really need to check out all forms of Across the Margin.

I highly encourage you to seek out Michael’s work on his website at www.acrossthemargin.com and check out all of the podcasts he is involved in!

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