Matt Sienkiewicz: Breaking the Bad Dad

Episode 78 is an incredibly open, honest, deep and real conversation with associate professor and author Matt Sienkiewicz. This episode was recorded a year ago, I hate to say. Due to some significant technical issues, it’s just now finally seeing the light of day.

I am not going to publicly flog myself too much for that. It is what it is at this point and I couldn’t feel more guilty and apologetic about it to Matt. But, with that said: I didn’t give up and it’s here! Aged like a fine wine that just needed a little more time to go from “great” to “life-changing”.

The episode actually started the way I thought it might: with us talking about Matt’s work surrounding comedy. I was struck originally by everything he does surrounding the study of comedy. It truly fascinates me and I wish I had that experience with the little bit of college I did way back when.

We eventually did the norm and had Matt work his way back into his paternal history. And… goodness me. The game changed there. Whether he was talking about his Grandfather or his Dad, it was just … not warm and fuzzy. I think that’s safe to say.

I get that everyone does not have the greatest and most loving relationship with their parents. I truly do understand that and don’t live in a fairy tale world of thinking that just doesn’t exist. I did have a great relationship with my Dad, but I know that isn’t just the way for all men.

That Matt was okay with openly discussing even the lows of his relationships really changed what I thought might be the course of our conversation. We really spent a lot of time on those relationships.

I learned a lot from this discussion. I gained a ton of respect for Matt and, as I said in the episode: the fact that he is not allowing himself to keep the pattern alive that he was raised into of men who didn’t really show much love or interest in their children is tremendous.

You can follow Matt on Twitter: @mediastudied or even check out his website at to see what he is up to and all of the books and projects he has worked on.

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