Matt Darwin’s Family Is Growing

Episode 83: Matt Darwin, listener of the podcast, becomes an important guest! Matt was so real, honest, and open in this conversation about the path for him and his wife from having an only child to adding a 4th to their little family of 3.

Matt normally would be making the commute to his law firm in Manhattan from his home in New Jersey on the daily. But, at the time we recorded this (April 8, 2020), shelter-in-place and quarantine life had been underway for close to a month. We spent some time talking about how things are on the east coast for him with the new world we find ourselves in currently.

Matt reached out to me with the proposition of being a guest with a story that he had not yet heard on the podcast: parents toiling with the decision to add another child to their family or not. We agreed it would be a great discussion to have for multiple reasons. It took us some time to nail everything down to record and, by the time we got everything settled, Matt reached back out to me with some news.

Life has its way, oftentimes, of making decisions for us. Matt’s wife had recently told him that she was pregnant again. While our conversation was going to be more about “are we really going to do this?”, it looked like we now were going to talk about “how are we going to do this?”

Matt’s wife works as a psychotherapist. Matt details that she dealt with some level of postpartum depression after their first child was born. So, the discussions they have had about preparing for what may occur down the road with their second child are incredibly important. Not just for them and their future family, but for some of us all to hear, as well. The self-awareness is real!

I said it more than once in this episode: I am proud of the braveness and foresight that Matt and his wife have displayed and are still working through. I would give them both a huge award (if I had two of these) for doing the tough work of not only being real about who they are, but what they can to better that situation for themselves, their first-born and for their soon to be new-comer.

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