Love in the Time of Covid, Pt. 1

Episode 79 is another solo episode, sans guest. As we find ourselves in the middle of this global pandemic, I felt compelled to speak a little in regards to how this affects all of us, whether it is us as parents, our children, our own parents. All humans are in some way having their lives changed by the existence of Covid-19 or the Corona Virus.

If you’ve been following along with your Daddy Unscripted handbook for a while, you know that I manage an animal hospital as my 9-5 job. Managing the staff there during this time of crisis has really raised the bar for me. I have had to work harder than ever to dig deep within myself, to basically tap into every single one of the tools in my emotional utility belt to assist the 40+ people at our hospital to help them work through having to continue to work during this time. Not only that, but to also help a great many of them deal with what all of this does to exacerbate what may already be their daily anxiety level with “normal life”. 

This also speaks to something I have definitely talked about numerous times: the example that we set for our children, as they soak up the things we do like sponges. Of course, the extreme on this is the people who drive me out of my mind. People who express unwarranted and unabashed anger and/or racism in front of their kids. 

I feel like the current climate in the world is allowing us another one of those moments in our lives to rise to the occasion. I feel it’s important for us to recognize that, as parents, we are currently responsible for raising the adults of what will be this new world. Like it or not, the world is changing. At times, it almost feels like Earth is trying to slough off its old skin right now and become a fresh planet.

To me, it feels like there is a lot of tightrope walking that we need to do right at this time. Walking on the edge of not losing sight of our responsibilities, while not allowing that to become a straightjacket that restricts us from being present for our kids.

I feel silly and like “that guy” by sort of making a plea on this episode for people to take this seriously and do their part right now to help us flatten the curve. I also feel silly that I have to type that last sentence. How is it that people can be apathetic about the state of humankind right now? 

I alluded to the articles or the headlines I’ve seen more than once about statistics showing that men are either more susceptible to the Corona Virus or that their mortality rate is higher than women. I’ve yet to delve into that data, but, it’s definitely solidified my already present desire to not get this! 

What it can break down to is: what does it hurt for all of us to be extra cautious right now? Why is it so difficult for us to just shelter in place, stay home, try to do everything to minimize our contact with others and do what we can for a while to try and help cease the spread. Slow it down. 

Acting responsibly and doing what appears to be the obvious and right thing right now is important. Also, as much as it may suck for your kids, I truly believe they will respect your decisions.

I started to go down a path that I basically stopped myself from ending. Instead, in this typed out version, I will just say: thank you to all of the people who are tirelessly working in healthcare. The people who are trying their best in the conditions they are dealing with to try and not only help people who need help in any other “every-day way” in their hospitals, but also to have to deal with all of the people coming in that are at such a bad level with Covid-19. 

For me, personally, I want to thank people like Ana in Romania, Sarah in Las Vegas and even my niece Megan out here in So Cal. Thank you for doing all that you are doing right now. 

While we are in shout-out zone, I also put out a big one in this episode to all of the… For information regarding your data privacy, visit