Jonathan Hart Went From Surprised Single Dad To Much More

This is Episode 40 of the podcast. My wife is a huge U2 fan, so she would enjoy me saying that as: “This is 40”. However, this episode does not feature Bono as its guest, or any other musician from Ireland. Don’t be dismayed; Jonathan Hart has a pretty darn interesting story to tell.

It starts with what happened before Jonathan was even born. We do a deep dive into his paternal roots and talk about his lineage. That lineage is steeped in a very proud service to our country by his Father and his Father’s Father. Jonathan, however, did not feel suited for that same lot in life and his life went down a much different road.

Jonathan became a first-time Dad at a very young age with his girlfriend of a couple of years. Things went downhill before their little girl was even 2 years old; starting with the couple splitting up to the Mom deciding she couldn’t or didn’t want the role of Mother anymore, leaving Jonathan to figure it out on his own. With the help of family, that’s exactly what Jonathan did.

It’s the kind of story we are honestly very used to hearing on the other side of the coin: with the Dad leaving the Mom to take all of the responsibility. It makes me sad and embarrassed that this is a cliche within my gender. Alas, it is… and has been for decades upon decades. I have always been a huge proponent of single Moms and all of the work they do. So, it was quite interesting to me to have a single Dad like Jonathan tell his story of a similar plight.

Jonathan has worked hard, now with a wife and a bigger family that the two have created together. It’s also of interest that Jonathan has done all this while still finding time for his passion: live music. He and his wife not only find time to follow some of their favorite bands, but Jonathan has a podcast of his own: Brokedown Podcast, a podcast centered around the Grateful Dead.

We will talk a lot more about podcasts, the Dead and Phish in our next episode. This episode is dedicated to all things Dad and gets into some really interesting topics and stories. The story of Jonathan ending up alone with his wife to take care of the birth of their child is quite a doozy.

I’m sure you will all enjoy hearing Jonathan’s stories and learning a lot more about this man; not only the man behind the Brokedown Podcast, but also one of the co-hosts of Helping Friendly Podcast, as well.

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