Jonathan Hart: Raised on the Grateful Dead & Phish

Episode 41 of the podcast is the second half of my conversation with fellow podcaster Jonathan Hart. I don’t normally dedicate episodes, but I have to dedicate this one to my other favorite 41 that is out there right now: Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale.

Don’t get in a huff about that dedication; we don’t talk about sports or the Red Sox in this episode at all. This is more of a discussion on the journey of life for Jonathan that parallels our previous episode. At times, it even intertwines with that conversation. We start out with the music that was the soundtrack of Jonathan’s adolescent years. As many music lovers know: music can play a large part in shaping who you are. That was very true for young Jonathan, and hasn’t stopped impacting him in that way.

Jonathan admits that his love for the Grateful Dead and other bands from the 70’s fueled the divide in ideology that had been previously embedded in his family’s paternal code. He went on to break the streak of men joining the military as he embraced a more loving and pacifist mindset.

Jonathan and I have a lot of similarities from our late teen years. We both spent time working at a record store, using a great deal of our paychecks to make our way to Grateful Dead shows near us.

Over time, Jonathan, like many others, embraced Phish as another band with a giant community. Jonathan talks about how this has also become a unique part of his life with the world of podcasts. He spent a great deal of time having his own influence on the blog universe that surrounded both the Grateful Dead and Phish in the internet’s toddler years. Eventually, he was asked to be a guest on the Helping Friendly Podcast. That ended up parlaying into him becoming one of the regular hosts of that show and his eventual creation of the Brokedown Podcast, a podcast centered around the Grateful Dead.

With the wonderful response online from the first half of our conversation, I’m sure a lot of you will also enjoy this parallel history and behind the scenes look at Jonathan.

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