Griffin House – Family Man & Rising Star

Episode 70 features singer-songwriter Griffin House. Griffin has been making music for over 15 years now and he is still working hard and remaining incredibly true to himself and who he wants to be as an artist.

When Griffin’s management contacted me about having him on the podcast, quite frankly, I had to rush to the internet to see who this guy was. I spent the next ten minutes or so reading various bios and snippets of interviews and album reviews and my interest was open to the idea. Then, I clicked play on a preview of his coming documentary “Rising Star” and I couldn’t reply to the original email quickly and enthusiastically enough.

We worked out some specifics and I went home that night and started picking my way through some of Griffin’s older albums. Wow. Man, oh, man… I sure did want to talk with this guy! I truly did become an instant fan that first day.

In our conversation, Griffin spins some great histories about his family, his youth and his intense connections with his paternal line, as well as to his Mother’s Father. It was really cool to hear about strong the connection was (and still is) between the men in their families.

Griffin details the path that led him to music back in High School. He talks about some of the crossroads of his life that he passed up or diverted from to see where music would take him instead. I’d say he made a pretty fantastic choice in doing that.

It sometimes seems cliché to think about musicians dealing with or even battling addiction. So, I wasn’t completely floored or taken aback when Griffin started to talk about his personal struggle with alcohol as a touring musician. But, how forthcoming he was and humble in talking about how it was something that affected others, including, at that time, his new wife, was really refreshing.

I am so happy I got to have this conversation with Griffin. We really connected on a number of things and, with my last episode and some of the current suicide crisis that is affecting musicians and artists, it was really meaningful to hear him talk about, even briefly, how he had his own suicidal thoughts that he had to overcome.

With that, I will remind you all how important it is that we ALL TALK. We talk about any struggles we may be having… we talk with those around us and offer ourselves up as safe people to our friends and family and loved ones; people that are capable of *just listening*, without the added pressure of feeling like we have to *fix* things for others.

So… with *that* said, I will, again, give you all these two phone numbers: My Google Voice Number for *ANYONE* to use: (872) 444-6784. And the National Suicide Prevention hotline: (800) 273-8255.

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