Father’s Day 2021

Episode 98 is my annual Father’s Day episode. Last year was the first year I didn’t post one of these. Fittingly, as we sat today (on Father’s Day) and tried to remember what our family actually did to celebrate Father’s Day last year: we did nothing. So, it works out that I didn’t record or post my normal episode that year, either. 

I recorded this episode the day before Father’s Day this time ’round… which means that I recorded it on Juneteenth. I talked in this episode about some of those goals that continue to drive me with doing this podcast. 

At the end of the episode, in my own way of paying attention to Juneteenth, I reminded you all that a great way to honor Black people is to shop Black-Owned Businesses. There are so many ways to find great lists and recommendations from people for how you can do that for what you may be looking for. 

As for me, I pointed y’all at just one place in particular for the time being: to hopefully future guest of the podcast, Mahogany Mommies. This is a small business run by a marvelous and genuine, single Black Mom who never fails to impress me with her sincerity and her drive. So, go check her out on Instagram @MahoganyMommies or go to her website at www.MahoganyMommies.com to show Joi some much-deserved love! Thanks, everyone, for doing that! 

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As I say in each episode: for anyone who may need help during any difficult times: the National Suicide Prevention hotline: (800) 273-8255. Also, I have a Google Voice Number for ANY of you to use: (872) 444-6784. Leave me a message there and I will get in touch with you… or you can even just use that as a safe place to vent or whatever it may be. 

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