Episode 034: Sam Jennings

This is episode 34 of the podcast, 1 of 2 with web designer and artist Sam Jennings. Sam is my second guest that has a large connection to a man I adore: Prince. Even with this being our episode to talk about fatherhood, we do touch on some of the personal and business aspects of Sam’s near decade of working with Prince. It was quite interesting to hear how much importance Prince put on family during the time Sam was involved with him.

Sam joins the esteemed group of guests that do not come from a traditional One Mom One Dad family situation. One of the things that gives this podcast an ability to have an extensively long lifespan is that everyone is different. But, the added bonus is that everybody’s Dad is different… and everybody’s family life is different, as well. Sam’s family history is quite unique, so I was very interested to get into how that proved to be successful for all of them.

I have no problem repeating this: I feel, dare I say, blessed by the people I am speaking with for the sake of the podcast. Sam is yet another outstanding human being; not only as a son, or even just as a Dad… but also as a person. His generosity and kindness of spirit are characteristics that I constantly strive for in my daily life. Sitting with him for a few hours enabled me to see a lot more of why I had pursued him to be on the podcast in the first place. I feel fortunate to reap the benefits of this and the upcoming episode with Sam and I am excited to pass those rewards on to all of you too!

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