Episode 031: Brad Rothschild

The 1st of 2 episodes with Brad Rothschild, this conversation is now becoming a line that is stretching out from its epicenter: my previous guest, Bruce Mendelsohn. So, again, a ton of thanks to Bruce for starting this rolling ball.

Brad makes up half of the team that does The Amen Corner podcast. His partner, Steven A. Cook, you may recall was a recent guest on my podcast as well. But, don’t let yourself think for a second that means the 4 episodes of them are anything alike. They really aren’t. Aside from the fact that it got really close to tears being shed on Steven’s Daddy episode and the same happening here. Although, truth be told, it was me on this episode, rather than the guest.

This part of our conversation got really deep, even if there were a lot of laughs. The history of Brad’s family is intense. His own Father’s family fled the Nazis as Jews in Germany shortly before many people they knew and loved were put in concentration camps. They became refugees, moving from country to country before they eventually came across the ocean to settle in New York.

This episode got a tremendous addition, thanks to an interview that Brad’s Dad did with Kean College back in 1988. I was able to select a few minutes of the audio from that to let everyone here some of that intense struggle in his own words.

Like Brad’s podcast co-host, Steven, we also share the fact that our Dads are no longer with us. We delved into how the passing of a parent changes your life. This also went into a very interesting territory: dying with dignity and some of the other ways death effects a family.

I hope you all enjoy this episode with Brad. I almost felt like I may be able to hang a little with the guys on their podcast after we had this conversation. Even though, as a Red Sox fan dealing with these two Yankees fans, I may have to let them humiliate me in some way in order to make that happen.

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