Episode 030: Matt Thorne

This is episode 2 of 2 with author and critic Matt Thorne. Like I said on the last episode, if you’ve been here for a while, you noticed that his episodes were released in reverse order. Again: don’t call the authorities. I did that on purpose. The previous episode came out first because it was a little closer to the 1 year anniversary of Prince’s death. That episode was focused very heavily on Prince and the book that Matt wrote some years ago chronicling his life through his music. So, that episode preceded this episode that is more about his being a Dad.

Again, it’s worth repeating that I searched for a while for the right person to sit and record for my podcast with that I could delve deep into my love for Prince and his music. Of course, that someone would need to be a Dad, also. You better believe that Matt Thorne was the perfect guy to start this off with. Yes. This is a start of something. I completely plan on recording more episodes with other Dads out there who can talk about Prince with me. In fact, spoiler alert, I already have. So, that will be coming out soon as well.

As someone who used to call himself a writer years and years ago, I know what it can be like to really write. I mean, write a novel. Write a screenplay. These things normally take a ton of time. I honestly cannot imagine trying to do something like that while being married with children. So, this part of my conversation with Matt was extremely interesting to me.

Matt was also extremely introspective and forthcoming with stories about his own Dad. I got very involved while I listened to him harkening back to his days as a young boy, moving pretty much to the beat of his own drum. I really appreciated Matt’s honesty about his relationship with his Dad. Even with not having my Dad alive anymore, it inspired me to make more efforts with the people I love and to recognize their efforts with me, as well.

I told Matt toward the end of this episode that he is basically living my parallel universe dream life. Which felt awkward as soon as I had said it. But, it rings very true. I hope you rather enjoy this conversation with this remarkable man.

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