Episode 026: Bruce Mendelsohn & His Boston Marathon Bombing Experience

This episode with Bruce Mendelsohn sincerely has changed my life. Bruce tells his story of the day’s events back in 2013 of the Boston Marathon Bombings. He was a bystander, just there to meet his brother who ran in the marathon at the finish line and hang out with him afterward. The day’s events, of course, changed from what everyone expected and Bruce acted before he really reacted. Bruce was very heavily involved in one of those stories of that day. One of the stories that involved people that were injured and others who helped them, in one way or another. There are many heart-wrenching and emotionally charged stories from that day. Most of them, at their core, champion the side of human nature that shows how – as Bruce put it – ordinary people can do extraordinary things. How Bruce and eventually others coordinated to save the life of then 20 year-old Victoria McGrath that day is quite compelling.

We talked in this episode about how there are some positives that aren’t all that difficult to discover out of something so hateful and tragic and negative that took place that fateful spring day in Boston. That was a theme that came out of that day and those that followed; that these events that are geared at creating fear and tearing people or communities or our nation apart so many times, serve to do the opposite. The words Boston Strong resonate and continue to live on as proof of that.

I probably changed the title of this episode, altered the episode’s intro and re-wrote that last blog post more than 5 times each. I didn’t want to mess this one up. I didn’t want to have this look like I was click-baiting off of the Boston Marathon Bombings, that is why I didn’t use Bruce’s taken from the window on that day on anything I posted on social media. I worked hard to not use the word hero anywhere, either, per Bruce’s request. That was difficult for me. Because, frankly, I do see what Bruce did that day as heroic. I don’t at all disagree with what he said about the branding of heroes in this episode, but all the same…his fight rather than flight reaction says hero to me.

I hope you all get something out of this episode with Bruce. Please, take another few minutes to read my previous post about this as well. It is an important companion piece to this. And if you have any heroes to send me, please let me know. I love having their stories get told to inspire myself and all of you!

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