Episode 023: FITR w/ Kevin Browning

This is the 2nd episode with Kevin Browning, aka KB, the manager of the band Umphrey’s McGee. In our 1st episode, we really dug deep into some parenting philosophies and uncovered the background on Kevin’s upbringing to piece together some of what has helped build him into the Dad he is today. Kevin successfully balances managing Umphrey’s McGee while holding strong to the roots of his wife and their three children.

Originally, I thought this episode might end up similar to the route the Fork in the Road with Umphrey’s McGee’s bassist Ryan Stasik did: close to a 50/50 split of talking sports and music. Especially because we recorded this during the MLB playoffs while KB’s beloved Chicago Cubs were battling the LA Dodgers for the National League Pennant and a chance to go to the World Series. However, we got into a lot of questions regarding the background of the band he more than successfully manages and detailing how some of the decision-making process works currently for the band that sports ended up taking a major back seat.

In my opinion, the interest in this episode doesn’t have to be tied to an interest in Umphrey’s McGee. Even though they do a lot of unique things many bands don’t do — or haven’t yet attempted, I think for anyone who loves music, this can be an insightful look into what bands go through to keep their collective machine chugging along. And for those of you who are big Umphrey’s McGee fans, don’t miss out on our side conversation about what each band member would be doing today if the band didn’t exist. Good times!

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