Episode 022: Kevin Browning

This is the 1st of 2 episodes with Kevin Browning, aka KB, the manager of the band Umphrey’s McGee. Kevin has always really been someone I’ve wanted to be able to have a lengthy conversation with, as I’m always so impressed with the way he has been able to balance a very busy work life with being a husband and father of three children.

I know I often think about how it really is fascinating how many of us match up with someone who, at the very least, share an interest in one another. The bonus is: a lot of couples out there have found someone who shares common interests with them. Take it a step further, into super bonus mode, and you find someone who is compatible and understanding of some of the more intricate parts of our life. Kevin’s life (and maybe a lot of guys with successful marriages in the entertainment world) is definitely all of that. It says a lot about his wife and both of their love for one another that they do what they do…and do it so well.

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