Episode 019: Ross Newhan

Ross Newhan The 1st of 2 episodes with Ross Newhan, we get to take a very introspective look at the life of one of Major League Baseball’s best beat writers. For those of you who are not familiar with Ross and his work, here’s a little of what you’ll be able to hear during these episodes. Ross started writing for Long Beach newspapers before the Angels had even become a team. He eventually started covering the Angels and the Dodgers, before moving on to the Los Angeles Time and eventually becoming their National Baseball Columnist. Ross was awarded the J.G. Taylor Spink Award in the year 2000 by the National Baseball Hall of Fame. So, he’s a pretty big deal.

Ross’ family life in Southern California is documented herein, leading up to his meeting and marrying his lovely wife, Connie, who is as big a fan of the sport of baseball as Ross is. He tells of the difficulty to be very present as his two children grew up, while spending time on the road during the seasons to cover both the Angels and the Dodgers for so long.

I know there seems to be a baseball theme going on with this podcast. I will admit, it’s an obvious gravitational pull for me, due to my passion for the game. However, this runs a lot deeper than just the sport of baseball… yet, on the same hand, really goes to show how powerful sports can be to tie two people, and, eventually a family together.

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