Episode 018: FITR w/ Ryan Stasik

In this second episode with Ryan Stasik (bassist for the band Umphrey’s McGee), we tap into a lot of things left untapped from our 1st episode. We start off with his time in school at Notre Dame, his hard work at school, if nothing else, to put together a band.

We spent a good deal of time talking about sports: both actual real life sports and the very addicting life of fantasy sports. He lays out what the guys in the band (and some of the crew) are into, regarding sports and teams. We break down how we feel about the Wild Card situation in the MLB. We go through our own (possibly outlandish) ideas for how to “Make Baseball Fun Again”.

Before we circled back to the world of sports, we spent a good deal discussing his musical background and what he grew up listening to. He tells a story about how he decided he needed to get into playing guitar instead of piano in the early 90’s. We get to hear about his transition to the bass guitar and some key decisions that took place between Brendan Bayliss and himself. We share stories about the Grateful Dead, Phish and the communities of fans that surround both bands.

Ryan credits Jake Cinninger with bringing a huge variance of music to the bandmates to expand the things they’ve been musically marinated with. Ryan goes into a little of what he is listening to these days, what bands or kinds of music speak to him.

After some of his wild predictions about Pittsburgh teams, we finish up with talking about some of the dangers in sports and fights in hockey.

A great time was had talking with Ryan and I hope you enjoy the listen as much as I enjoyed the chat.

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