Episode 017: Ryan Stasik

At long last, the 1st episode with Ryan Stasik has arrived. Ryan is the bassist for the band Umphrey’s McGee, a band I have been listening to since some time in 2001. I don’t think my friendship with Ryan depends on the fact that I was able to meet him and other band members back during those earlier years. I think he is still very much that same easy-going and very approachable guy, regardless of how much bigger the band has gotten since then. I think that will come through to you loud and clear in this and the next episode with Ryan and myself.

Ryan became a Dad a little over 3 years ago. I actually saw him a few months before his daughter was born and I remember giving him my usual advice about how many parents love to give advice. I was very excited for him and his wife and as soon as Daddy Unscripted became a podcast, he was one of the first Dads I thought of for being a guest. I was a little relieved and extremely grateful when he agreed to sit for a couple hours to talk with me about a few of his favorite things: being a Dad, sports and music.

Ryan’s history on this Daddy episode is a very insightful view into the man who represents one-third of the backbeat rhythm section to UM. We talked about his own family history, how his life’s road brought him into the band in the first place and what effect getting married, and later having a child, had on his life as a rockstar. We shared a thoughtful dialogue on the merits and dangers of allowing people into your life via social media.

I think you’re bound to enjoy this episode. At times, a little crass. At other times, extremely poignant and thoughtful. You absolutely do not have to be a fan of Umphrey’s McGee to enjoy this. Having a good sense of humor will definitely help, though. The first of two episodes with Ryan, this will give you one of the most direct visions of what has made him into the man and father that he is today.

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