Episode 016: FITR w/ Bob Ruff

In this second episode with Bob Ruff, we delve into a little bit of why either of us does this: podcasting. If you want to remind yourself what exactly one of the “Fork in the Road” episodes mean, click here.

Bob and I discuss how we both took a very keen interest in the 1st season of the Serial podcast and what that meant to us. For those of you who already listen to Bob’s Truth & Justice podcast, you know the direct result of listening to Serial for Bob. We dug into his methodology, what it takes for him to put together his investigation as well as the actual podcast. Bob talked a lot about the struggles he faces with “the establishment” with the cases he is currently working on.

I got a lot deeper in this episode than I could have foreseen. That’s why it’s called Daddy Unscripted, folks! You may be able to tell during the episodes, but I hold tightly to that…there is no script. I got into, what I felt was the backside of the coin, if you will, as to why Bob does what he does: human-kindness, caring about others and, maybe, even just plain and simple: love. Because, even if he is having to kick some doors down and even use a figurative axe, much like his days in the fire department, he is doing it out of his care for the people who have been wrongly accused and/or imprisoned, as well as in a search for justice for the victims. Leave it to the tree-hugging hippy side of me to find that in all of this, right?

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