Episode 015: Bob Ruff

This episode with Bob was very exciting for me to record. If you don’t already know the name Bob Ruff, I give a sizable introduction to him at the beginning of this episode. Nutshell: Bob has two podcasts of his own, one that is much more popular and familiar, known as “Truth & Justice”, that originally stemmed off of the widely-known and award-winning 1st season of the Serial podcast. Bob has since dedicated his professional life to advocating for wrongly convicted individuals that are imprisoned, as well as finding the truth behind who has been walking free since that person’s conviction.

Bob’s story on this Daddy episode is very unique and extremely interesting. We delved into the background of his own family and parents before learning a lot about his immediate little family unit: consisting of 4 kids that he and his wife brought together into their successfully “mixed family”.

I gained even more respect for a man that was able to acknowledge when large life decisions weren’t necessarily working, and having the bravery to turn his life upside down in hopes of a more fulfilling outcome.

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