Episode 007: Jose Rosado

This was a long and winding road to this podcast recording happening. Oh, did I just put that Beatles song in your head? You’re welcome. Jose (which you will see all of his links at the bottom of this post) and I have known each other for quite a few years now, and knew of one another for at least a year before that. Jose started dating one of my best friends, Jessica, way back then and he and I finally started talking some time after that. Basically, it’s just one of those “I met you on the internet and we didn’t meet in person until….” kind of things. And the ‘_ until _‘ of that is actually this very night of recording the episode. Jose and Jessica were in Santa Monica for just two nights, so we really squeezed this (and the subsequent FITR episode) in to their jam-packed schedule. For that, I am very grateful. It was fun sitting and talking for so long with Jose, and there are quite a few gems in this episode. We really dug into the terminology of ‘stepdad’ and ‘stepkids’ and heard from a side of that relationship you maybe don’t hear from so often.

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