Episode 006: FITR w/ Ryan Pierron

So this is the  Fork In The Road episode that Ryan was trying to force us to segue into more than once from our normal episode. Not that we didn’t enjoy talking about being Dads, but we had not even talked about the (at the time) brand new trailer release for Star Wars: Rogue One at all before this episode, because we wanted to do it on air. So, we were both kinda bursting at the seams to get into our Fork episode.

I won’t spoil too much of the episode (even though we do have some spoilers in the actual episode *spoiler alert*) for you, but we actually saw Star Wars Episode VII together at the 1:30am showing on Opening Night. So, to say we share a passion for the Star Wars universe together, is putting it extremely lightly. We hashed out some of the rumors about the new and upcoming movies, we went through some of our own personal Star Wars history and we even gave our own opinions on some of those theories that are swirling around since everyone first saw Episode VII (I’m still apparently outnumbered when it comes to my theory).

You don’t have to love Star Wars as much as us to enjoy this episode. It definitely helps…but hearing our fervor might be entertaining enough. Enjoy our utter and unabashed nerdery!

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