Episode 004: FITR w/ Michael Colleary

Welcome to my first  Fork In The Road episode. This came just at the tail end of my previous episode with screenwriter/producer Michael Colleary. Michael and I share an affinity for cinema (that’s even more fancy than saying “films”, right? Well, we are that fancy about it!), so I figured we would have a second episode just geeking out about the movies we love. You’ll hear right off the bat, I think he was not very excited when I led him into it by saying Top 5 lists…but when I clarified that I meant movies, his eyes lit up, his voice changed and we were on our way. We split hairs about Quentin Tarantino, Michael piqued my interest in a number of TV shows I had not yet put any energy into (thank you, Netflix!) and there was even a little discussion regarding how Friends can often turn him into an outsider in his own home, amongst his wife and two daughters.

If you didn’t catch our main episode together, feel free to go back and check that one out! I may have to go back to the well on this one some day down the road, because I feel like we only scratched the surface on how much we could have talked about movies!

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