Episode 003: Michael Colleary

For this episode, the entire family went up to the Los Angeles area, to a place we’ve been many times before: my wife’s cousin’s house. We all love spending time up there and I’m usually more busy hovering over the kids than getting to spend as much time as I’d like just sitting and talking with the grown-ups of that family. Michael and Shannon are my kind of people. They love telling stories (of which they have some doozies!), they love talking about movies and the industry (they are both seriously talented writers) and we have pretty similar tastes in films.

I will openly admit, I never sat down and did any kind of research before this sit-down with Michael. I didn’t really think I should or that I needed to. So, I quite honestly didn’t even know before I googled him for notes after the episode that he was writer/producer of one of those guilty-pleasure-type movies of my younger days: Face Off. Yes…that Face Off: of the days before Nic Cage kinda seemingly jumped off the deep end a little.

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