Episode 002: Kenn

If you listened to Episode 001, you know that my first episode was supposed to be part one of a two-part episode with a friend who was on the brink of becoming a Dad. Well this is the other two-parter that I arranged, with a different friend of mine, Kenn. Kenn and I go way back, and I’ve known his wife since she was in Jr. High! We recorded this episode just before their very first child was born, and we discuss the seriously incredible journey that led to that point for them. To say they struggled with getting pregnant is a massive understatement. We also talked about Kenn’s history with his own Dad and Mom and what he’s bringing (or not bringing) to the table as he prepared to be a first-time Dad.

The second part of this episode (at the time this is being released) has yet to be recorded, where we follow up with Kenn and see what the first few months have been like with their little girl in their lives; how much his expectations and ideas were wrong or right. That time will come. For now, enjoy this first sit down with a guest for the podcast as you hear about this couple’s resilience and perseverance to finally have a little family of their own.

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