Episode 001: Podcast Introduction

I’m assuming you already did the sound of a drumroll in your head. If you didn’t…just take a moment…maybe even close your eyes…imagine a bottle of champagne being broken against the hull of a new ship…the cutting of a red ribbon by a large, older man with a sash on that says MAYOR (and, yes… if you need that large, older man to be me in your imagining of it, I can live with that). All of these things. They all predicate this fanfare of the release of the  Daddy Unscripted Podcast , after such a long wait.

This is merely the introduction episode… which is basically me, telling you about why this even exists, what it sprung from, what my hope is for the podcast and how you can even get involved! I’d love to hear your feedback and of course for you to find the podcast in iTunes and leave a review and rate it and subscribe to it. All of that brings it a little (or a lot) more into the public eye and enables the podcast to get more great guests in to record! Thanks so much for your support… truly.

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