Dave Goldstein Goes Beyond Pt. 1

Episode 71 features half of the tandem that puts together the “Beyond The Pond” podcast, Dave Goldstein. Dave adds to my list of guests that come from our glorious Osiris Media podcast network.

I was thrilled when Dave reached out to me about being on the podcast. I had his partner from the BtP podcast, Brian Brinkman, on the podcast a little over a year ago for Episodes 50 & 51. They do such a great job with their podcast and, honestly, I have always dug Dave’s voice from their episodes that I was happy to have a long conversation with him for Daddy Unscripted.

And, a long conversation is exactly what we had. We talked and recorded for over 3 hours. I really toiled with the editing of this episode. For way too long. And then it dawned on me: two-parter!

So, this is the first half of our conversation. We talk about his family history, stories about his Dad and how he and his Mom met. Did someone say “met”? We also go into how the New York Mets became a major part of his family history.

We went through a bit of the story of how Dave became a Dad for the first time some 4 plus years ago. Just as we started to get into their journey to bring a second child into being, it seemed like the best place to split our conversation into two halves and post this section as Part 1.

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