Dave Almy: The Words That Changed His Life

Ep 97 Dave Almy

Episode 97 is a bit of a rollercoaster episode with Dave Almy. A very honest and real conversation, that has a lot of laughs and an almost equal number of moments that cause to take great pause. This episode was recorded almost exactly 2 years ago. I continued to hold this for the right time and that time is now! It’s finally ready to be out here for your consumption.

I’m gonna give a quick shout-out to previous guest of the podcast: Bruce Mendelsohn, for connecting Dave and me for this conversation. Thanks Bruce!

Dave, who lives in NorCal now, is from Boston and very early in the episode, he makes sure to check in on the usage of bad language on the podcast. I gave him the green flag (the green flag for the red “E” on this one) and I warned y’all early in the episode… so: if you read this first, be ready.

Dave comes from an interesting family dynamic, himself. His parents divorced when he was very young and his Dad married his stepmom in the years following. It’s really good to hear about how great his stepmom was and what a wonderful woman and parent she has been in his life. And, yes, I understand that I say that as someone who didn’t have step-parents and may be kind of influenced by the clich√© of the evil step mom or dad.

With all of that said, Dave’s description of his biological Mom is really something else. He talks about how massively entrepreneurial she is and of her constant reinvention of herself in the likely nevernding plight for constant mental stimulation. He admitted that this is definitely a trait that he got from his Mom.

The story of cancer taking Dave’s Dad was extremely similar to the story of my own Father. It really hit home for me and this particular part of maybe his final visit with his Dad in the hospital, where he recalls his Dad saying to him in a moment of clarity:

“What was I doing chasing the almighty dollar when I should have been home with my family?”

Those are the last words that Dave’s Father spoke to him before he died. Read them again. As Dave said a bit after quoting that to me: “…going away from that and reflecting on it as my kids were born; that’s been the phrase that has… it’s just burrowed into me…”

I really hope you all enjoy this episode, that you get a lot out of it, that you are inspired by it. I got all of that and more, myself.

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You can follow Dave on Twitter: @DaveAlmy or even check out his website at www.adcpartners.com to see what his “day job” is.

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