Damon Miller Is Surfing Life’s Big Waves

Episode 88 features Damon Miller, a CEO and longtime surfer from Oregon. This is another blast from the past episode, actually recorded in the summer of 2019. I started to feel the guilt while editing this recently of it taking me so long to get to… but I actually really enjoy the nostalgia of hearing these conversations that happen pre-Covid, if I’m being honest.

Damon starts us off, going back to his great grandfather moving to the Miami area from Wisconsin back in the 1920’s. His great grandfather started a business in Miami that ended up becoming kind of the family business and that is where his family roots dug in deep for generations to come. Damon was in that state until he moved out west in the middle of his college years.

When we go back into the relationship between Damon and his parents, Damon tells how his parents divorced when he was only 6 years old. “It’s not really a tragic story in any way…” Damon says of that time of his life. He had a stepdad that entered his hemisphere not too long after his parents divorced and he had strong relationships with both of his Dads.

Damon’s level of awareness that he describes at such a young age is beyond remarkable. He talks about recognizing how difficult it must have been for his Dad to put the effort into staying in his children’s lives. He also talked about understanding that his parents were “just two human beings that it [marriage] just didn’t work out for them”.

We talked a bit about the struggle for step-parents; as they work to not only create a bond and a relationship with their new significant other’s children but that they are also navigating through whatever issues come with their relationship with that significant other, as well. I don’t think we even got into what some step-parents have to deal with regarding estranged exes that exist. It’s quite a lot, clearly.

I think Damon was tickled when I asked him what kind of surfer he felt he more resembled back in the early ’90s: Jeff Spicoli or Kelly Slater. Damon said he thought maybe he would have been a perfect mix between the two.

We talked about his daughter who is a teenager and how mature and aware she is about some of the “drama things” that might trouble girls her age. Remember what I said earlier about Damon’s very mature approach to his parents’ divorce? Yeah… you don’t have to wonder very hard about how his kids might have come by their mature process of thinking.

This led back to “how did you cope so well as a youth?” and Damon talked about how beneficial his focus on surfing was for him. We talked about how important having a hobby, interest, or something that drives you can be for people of pretty much any age. I subscribe to this theory with all that I am.

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