Chris Plowman Talks Fatherhood and Card Collecting

Episode 52 is my conversation with Chris Plowman. Have you gotten tired of hearing me say how I met my guest on Twitter? If so, hold on tight… because I met Chris on Twitter. Shocking, right?

I am definitely not unique in the fact that a lot of my childhood involved collecting and trading baseball cards. I have immensely fond memories of riding the public bus with my brother for sometimes close to an hour to get to a (somewhat) local card shop to flip through old cards for any wanted gems of favorite players. We would usually leave with at least as many individual cards or "wax packs" of cards that our minimal allowance would yield us.

My son was born in 2012. Around the time of his 1st birthday in 2013, I decided to start collecting cards again. I thought it might be neat to get a full set of Topps baseball cards for every year of his life and present them to him when he is maybe 12 years old or so. It just so happens that my beloved Red Sox won the World Series that year. So that really helped push me along and even start collecting Red Sox only cards on the side of this new project for my own enjoyment.

When I was little, we used to walk around with a folder of our most prized cards, or ones we thought we may want to try and trade with other people. Your trading efforts didn’t easily expand beyond friends at school or in your own neighborhood. Well, once I got a little more into it all recently, I discovered another use for social media. Wow. What a difference it all makes. So, there were all these other people online who were collecting and trading. Adults… like me! It did actually surprise me a little.

After some time, I stumbled into Kidority Kards, a group that formed to give away cards and all kinds of cool things for kids who are collectors. I was not only impressed by this idea, but I knew I wanted to know more about it.

This all leads to my conversation with Chris Plowman here. Chris is heavily involved with Kidority Kards, a fellow collector and sports fan and, of course, a Dad!

Chris has a truly unique story to tell not only about his own upbringing but also of his life as a Dad. His stories are pretty real and raw, just the way we like it here on Daddy Unscripted. Chris is a really nice guy and I was excited to get the time to talk with him here.

You can find all of the different links Chris mentioned on Twitter at: @BuckCityBreaks or @KIDorityKards or you can look either up on Facebook. You can also go here to visit The Hobby Lounge on Facebook.

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