Chris Lizotte: Humble Son, Dad & Rock n’ Roller

Episode 47 of the podcast is here. There aren’t many episodes I’m not excited about releasing, let’s be honest. And there are many that I am even more excited about just the conversation and recording with my guest. This episode (and the next) have all of that and more. Because, this man is one amazing man… one that I am proud to call my friend and feel not only honored to know and be able to spend time with, but I am incredibly blessed by it, too. Yes. I just used that word: blessed. Don’t @ me.

Chris Lizotte is known as and for a great many things by a great many people. He is a successful Christian music artist —

Wait! Where are you going?! I say the words "Christian music" and you want to leave this episode behind already? Well, you’ll be missing out. This is a great episode filled with a lot of laughter, deep conversation and we got really close to tears as well. Or, maybe that was just me.

I took this episode (and the next forthcoming one with Chris) as a direct challenge to make them extremely listenable for people of any and all faiths. Chris is an incredibly humble man who has done a lot of great things with his talents and gifts. We originally met about 25 years ago when a band I was singing in (yes… you read that correctly) opened up a couple/few times for Chris at various local spots.

In my day-to-day life, I end up talking quite a bit about leading by example. Chris embodies this. He is one of the most genuine, generous and loving men I have known. He actually reminds me a good deal of my own Dad. And, if you really want to play the Degrees of Separation game, the cool thing is that Chris, for some time now, has been the worship leader at a church in Laguna Beach that is pastored by the same man who was a co-pastor with my Dad way back in the 70’s and 80’s.

Chris told me some stories I definitely had no clue about before this deep dive into his life. Who knew that his band would be on the same stage as a very young Seattle band, vying for the ear of record producers? You’ll want to hear that one.

We also got very real about some of the different struggles that parents in this day and age have to deal with compared to when we were kids. And, as we talked about our transition from kids to adults to parents, we led into the role also of our parents as grandparents and the inevitable path of life transitioning toward death.

I hope you all enjoy this sometimes deep, sometimes hilarious conversation between two friends. Make sure you check this one out so you’re ready for what may be seen a little bit of a controversial episode coming soon from the second half of our conversation. You won’t want to miss that one. Especially because it could very well prove to be the launching ground for what may become my next podcast that I create and put out for all of you!

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