Chris Colbert Reminds Us To Say Their Name

Episode 91 features Chris Colbert, the CEO of DCP Entertainment, which just launched a new show titled “Say Their Name”. We talk about that podcast a lot in this episode, let me first tell you about Chris. He began his career in audio production over a decade ago as an intern and consultant for Sirius Satellite Radio (now SiriusXM Radio). While simultaneously earning his degree from Seton Hall University, he helped create Oscar and Grammy award winner Jamie Foxx’s comedy and music channel “The Foxxhole.”

Upon successful completion and tremendous success with “The Foxxhole,” Chris joined SiriusXM full time and helped create “Carlin’s Corner”, a 24/7 George Carlin comedy channel, and “Que Funny”, SiriusXM’s only bilingual Latino comedy channel. He also oversaw programming and operations for “Urban View” and “Blue Collar Radio” (now “Jeff & Larry’s Comedy Roundup”). In addition to SiriusXM’s permanent stations, Chris also worked on pop-up channels such as “Richard Pryor Radio”, “Star Wars Radio”, “Comic Con Radio”, and “E3 Radio.”

As Director of Urban Talk and Comedy for SiriusXM, Chris worked on several audio documentaries. These documentaries provided his transition to the role of Vice President of Programming for Cadence13 (formerly DGital Media). While at Cadence13, he oversaw all documentary projects and produced top podcasts such as “Cover Up”, “Origins”, “What Really Happened”, and “Majority 54.”

Having worked with names like Jamie Foxx, Touré, James Andrew Miller, Joy-Ann Reid, Zak Levitt, Andrew Jenks, Joe Madison, ESSENCE, PEOPLE, Crooked Media, Sports Illustrated, WME, and the United Negro College Fund, Chris specializes in media partnerships and content development.

With a passion for connecting audiences with innovative and inspiring content, Chris founded DCP Entertainment; a place to bring together audio and visual storytelling that highlight underrepresented communities and conversations.

We talked a lot about mental health in this episode. We covered DCP’s new podcast “Say Their Name” as well, which was a significant part of my wanting to talk with Chris in the first place. Say Their Name talks with loved ones of the victims of either police brutality or senseless killing at the hands of other civilians. Chris talks about how he realized in 2018 that he wanted to do something that honored the lives that were being lost unnecessarily.

DCP Entertainment is your destination for the underrepresented voice, sharing stories you won’t find anywhere else. Giving a platform to people of color, women, and LGBTQ+ communities, as well as highlighting stories around mental health, disability, and overcoming adversity, DCP presents stories that we can all relate to. With a focus on improving the world around us, DCP’s podcast and video series go beyond entertainment and provide perspectives and lessons that can create positive movements.

DCP Entertainment’s Podcasts include: “Democracy-ish,” “Make It Plain,” “Toure Show,” “Woke AF,” “Picked Last in Gym Class,” and “Inner Space.”

For more information, visit and follow @DCPofficial on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

As I say in each episode: for anyone who may need help during any difficult times: the National Suicide Prevention hotline: (800) 273-8255. Also, I have a Google Voice Number for ANY of you to use: (872) 444-6784. Leave me a message there and I will get in touch with you… or you can even just use that as a safe place to vent or whatever it may be.

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