Brian Brinkman: Beyond Beyond The Pond

Episode 51 is the second half of my conversation with fellow podcaster, fellow Dad, fellow music and sports fanatic: Brian Brinkman. Brian makes up one half of the team that brings you the Beyond the Pond podcast. If you haven’t heard checked out that podcast yet and you love music, you should make sure to make your way over to them.

Beyond the Pond is a partner podcast with Daddy Unscripted in the Osiris Podcast network. Shortly after the Osiris network officially launched, Brian and I started the conversation about our desire to connect for these episodes. I can’t believe it took us this long… but I couldn’t be more emphatic in telling you that this was absolutely worth the wait.

Brian is yet another guest that shares my intense passion for both sports and for music. This episode taps into a lot of that. We talk about how important both of those are to many people and the why and how of both of them tapping into something deeper between humans. Between strangers, even. I am not shy about talking about how many friendships I have that revolve around one or both of those common interests I share with that person. I think even my wife gets embarrassed when we are out and either my music-related clothing or Red Sox attire I may have on allow me to strike up, what may seem to her like an un-ending conversation with a total stranger.

Brian is one of "those guys". Yes, I just put that in quotes because I am about to put him into a category. Sorry, Brian. But, he is immensely intelligent and has a Venus Flytrap of a brain when it comes to information. I envy people like this, I gotta admit. But you’ll get to hear Brian rattle off a lot of his favorite Phish shows at the end of this episode that will have you grabbing your collection or looking up setlists to find some new (possibly, to you) shows to listen to. You’ll also hear some of his "Island Albums" that aren’t by Phish. Always a fun bit of info to get from someone who loves music as much as Brian does.

Like I said in the notes from our previous episode: Brian is one of those incredibly genuine great guys and I do believe that comes through very clearly to you as you listen to either halves of our conversation.

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