Amar Sastry: Anatomy Of A Man Who Jams Pt. 2

Episode 75 is the second half of my conversation with musician, podcaster, Youtuber, Dad and all-around awesome guy: Amar Sastry. You may know Amar from his Anatomy of a Jam series on Youtube or his tweets breaking down and playing portions of Phish songs on his acoustic guitar or his work on the Osiris Media podcast network’s video version of The Drop (which is also done as a podcast). Amar is all over the map… in a very good way.

If you didn’t somehow catch the first part of our conversation, you really must. This episode picks up immediately where the previous episode ended: with Amar walking us through what he remembers of his family’s move from rural India to New York when he was just 5 or 6 years old.

His story is so refreshing. I know I don’t speak for everyone, and I would never claim anything of the sort… but, hearing about what it’s like for people to come from much humbler means to a new home with a far different situation and lifestyle. It’s hard not to, but we really can so easily take so much for granted in our lives.

I know that not everyone has the opportunity in their lives to travel to different countries. I feel extremely fortunate to have visited multiple foreign countries in my lifetime. As odd as it may sound, I truly relish the time I’ve spent in places where people do not have the extravagances that are easily attainable where I live. Every time I have returned home from a place like that, it’s like my eyes are opened anew to the reality of the world that we live in, rather than just the microcosm of where I have spent the majority of my life.

We leapfrogged rapidly to Amar’s work that he does with regards to music… which is pretty widespread. We got right into how Amar decided to start creating videos for Youtube. I’ll type some of my favorite quotes by Amar during this part of our conversation below:

“I think music theory has completely ruined an entire generation of guitar players”. “Music is the one place where we should feel free… where we shouldn’t have rules.”

We talked about his work on his “Anatomy of a Jam” videos on Youtube and then I started to fanboy out and tell him how much I get out of the videos that he posts on Twitter, predominantly of him playing a section of a Phish song on his acoustic guitar. Near the beginning of this episode, I included a full version he shared with me of his take on “When The Circus Comes To Town”, a Los Lobos tune that Phish covers.

You can find more about Amar at his website: or by watching his Youtube channel, also named amarguitar and you can follow his Twitter at username @brahmin_noodles.

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