Amar Sastry: Anatomy Of A Man Who Jams Pt. 1

Episode 74 is the first half of my conversation with musician, podcaster, Youtuber, Dad and all-around awesome guy: Amar Sastry. You may know Amar from his Anatomy of a Jam series on Youtube or his tweets breaking down and playing portions of Phish songs on his acoustic guitar or his work on the Osiris Media podcast network’s video version of The Drop (which is also done as a podcast). Amar is all over the map… in a very good way. 

We kicked off the episode talking about a lot of the “new parent stuff” that Amar and his wife are going through, being around a year and a half into the parental game with their little girl. 

For anyone near my age, I mentioned a blast from the past phrase: “kids having kids”. Or was it “babies having babies”? Either way, that section of our discussion ended with a rousing cheer by me of: “You go, Geriatrics!” 

Eventually, we worked our way into the history of Amar through his father and his grandparents. It was very interesting to hear about some of their mindset and the ways that their surroundings shaped them, in many different ways than I’d reckon that happened for a lot of us. 

Our conversation turned to us talking about some of the things that hold a lot of us back from taking on things in life. It rolled into a solid discussion about fear and behaviors and changing our mindset and patterns in order to take control of our lives a little more and basically raging against some of the ways we are wired as humans.

I was totally surprised when I told Amar about my time in India with a previous job that I was in the city of Bangalore, and that happens to be where Amar has spent a lot of his time, as well, since he has family there. I told Amar about the hilarity of my experience with the cultural phenomenon some may call the “Indian head wobble” or bobble. Don’t believe me? Look it up. Part of Wikipedia’s description will show you how confusing it can be… read this: “…a form of nonverbal communication, it may mean yes, good, maybe, ok, or I understand…” 

It makes me laugh a little that this is pretty much where this first portion of our conversation ended. But, it just fit well and didn’t break into the next chunk of our discussion at all. Not only will you have to check out Part 2 with Amar for that… you’ll want to hear that. Take my word for it.

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You can find more about Amar at his website: or by watching his Youtube channel, also named amarguitar and you can follow his Twitter at username @brahmin_noodles. 

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