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This week on Comes A Time, Mike and Oteil are joined by bassist and singer Karina Rykman! The three discuss the genesis of her band and why she didn’t fully consider herself to be a bassist until she started playing with Marco Benevento, what growing up and living in New York City means to her as a musician, and why she never got into drinking or other substances. Karina also tells the guys about how fellow bassist Dave Dreiwitz gave her the “greatest gift that anybody could give somebody,” and an incredible story about how her grandparents survived the Holocaust, starting a path that would eventually lead to a life of boundless creative freedom for Karina.



Karina Rykman is a musician from New York City known for her high-energy bass playing with Marco Benevento. Karina joined Marco’s band in 2016 to replace Dave Dreiwitz, and in the many tours since then, she has developed a permanent and powerful presence in the band. Her musical résumé has almost grown too large to keep track of, and includes a performance on the Today Show with Julia Michaels, a now-famous soundcheck at Madison Square Garden with Phish, opening for bands such as Khruangbin, Vulfpeck, and Dispatch, and many more memorable moments. Karina put out two singles in 2021 (No Occasion & Arbitrary), and she’s currently hard at work on her debut solo record.


Check our Karina’s website: https://www.karinarykman.com/

Follow Karina on Instagram: instragram.com/karinarykman


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