James Fox


On this episode of Comes A Time Mike and Oteil welcome film director and UFO specialist James Fox onto the show. In this expansive conversation you’ll hear about an interview that James conducted with former Arizona governor Fife Symington about the Phoenix Lights sighting in 1997, a smoking gun linking J. Edgar Hoover to the Roswell UFO crash, and an experience of connection that occurred on the moon that is unlike anything we’ve heard on Comes A Time. James, Oteil, and Mike also talk about the confirmed legitimacy of UFOs from intelligence reports in recent years, “men in suits” and government organizations seizing UFO-related evidence, and much more.



James Fox is a film director and UFO researcher and specialist. As they discuss in the episode, James has directed a number of films including the documentaries The Phenomenon and UFOs: 50 Years of Denial? His work in film explores the wonders of the cosmos that cannot yet be explained, as well as the efforts that our government has made to cover up verifiable UFO sightings in the past. In The Phenomenon, which includes testimony from high-ranking government officials and NASA Astronauts, Senator Harry Reid says that the evidence “makes the incredible credible.” Throughout this episode James dives into the wealth of knowledge that he has about extraterrestrial life form sightings, and will leave you amazed at what’s been uncovered about UFOs.



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