Fred Guttenberg

On this episode of Comes a Time, gun safety activist Fred Guttenberg joins Oteil and Mike for a crucially important conversation about gun violence, and hope for a brighter future. You’ll hear the three discuss the powerful moment at a vigil for the Parkland shooting when Greg became aware of his mission to end gun violence, survivors guilt and the emotional trauma of living through an event like Parkland, and the surprising history of gun laws in America. They also discuss President Biden’s plan to fund community intervention programs that aim to deal with the root causes of gun violence before violent events happen, the ways that the community around Parkland stepped up to provide mental health resources in the wake of the shooting, and much more.

Fred Guttenberg began his mission to end gun violence in America after the murder of his 14-year-old daughter Jaime in the Parkland school shooting on Feb 14, 2018. The day after the shooting Fred spoke at a vigil in Parkland at the request of the Mayor, and his words shook the nation to its core. Since then he has embarked on a relentless journey to inspire hope, change, and perseverance for those who’ve been affected by gun violence, and for the country at large. Fred and his wife Jennifer now spend time challenging our elected officials to create impactful change. They began a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to Jaime’s life called “Orange Ribbons for Jaime,” and Fred created a 501(c)(4) called “Orange Ribbons For Gun Safety.” He’s also written a book called Find the Helpers, which is about how compassion from others has helped Fred navigate the adversity of losing his daughter and his brother within a four-month period- it’s a story of recovery, purpose, and hope. Fred is doing outstanding work for every individual in our country, and in this episode he speaks about how crucial this time period is for creating a safer future for America.



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