Episode 6: Steve Parish


In this episode, Oteil and Mike welcome Steve Parish, longtime crew member for the Grateful Dead and close friend of Jerry Garcia. The three talk about the Dead’s early days in San Francisco, Steve’s career with the band, from roadie to manager; and, why the Dead could be a model for how we should live our lives today. Steve tells Oteil and Mike what he learned 10 years after the legendary 1978 Grateful Dead concert in Egypt, and about that time he delivered a baby while Bob Weir was writing the song “Cassidy”. This is a not-to-be missed episode.

Steve Parish has been a primary member of the Grateful Dead family for 50 years. Steve first joined the band as a roadie in 1969. It wasn’t long before he became Jerry Garcia’s trusted gear handler and began to manage the Jerry Garcia Band. Over the years, Parish and Garcia forged an unbreakable bond. Steve was Jerry’s best man at his wedding and was at his bedside when Garcia fell into a coma in 1986. Parish was the last friend to see Jerry before his untimely death in 1995. Steve has continued to maintain his relationships with the rest of the Grateful Dead family. As Weir once said to him “Blood is thicker than water but what we have is thicker than blood.”

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