Ryan Jewell

Greetings, Dead Freaks! We are back in the nick of time with your second July episode. This time around we are joined by drummer, Ryan Jewell, who has graced a number of terrific albums over recent years. We talk about his work, his recent and upcoming releases and, of course, The Grateful Dead.

Also in this episode, we say farewell to Garcia/Saunders drummer, Bill Vitt who passed away earlier this month.

Ryan Jewell has a lot to say and some great music coming out. Early in July, he released a record as the Ryan Jewell Quintet entitled "Vibration!". Somewhere between post-bop, free jazz, and the modern era, this collection of Ryan’s compositions pushes and pulls at its boundaries, entertaining all the while. You can find that at https://ryanjewellquintet.bandcamp.com/.

Not content to do any one thing, his next release is under the name Mosses and is entitled, "T.V. Sun". This is more an experimental indie group which covers a lot of ground. Ryan plays dulcimer, guitar, synthesizers, and (of course) drums on this release. He tells us all about it and we get listen to a track after the interview. "T.V. Sun" is out on September 20. Keep an eye on https://mosses.bandcamp.com as well as Ryan’s website, https://www.ryanjewell.com.

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