Matt LaJoie

Greetings Dead Freaks!

On this episode, I am proud to have Matt LaJoie join me to discuss his work as a guitarist, an improviser, and more. We unpack his many projects, dive into his history and that of his label, Flower Room Records and manage to spin a little music along the way. Also in this episode, I shamelessly plug my own upcoming album, and we manage to get a hefty dose of weird and wonderful Grateful Dead.

You can find Matt LaJoie’s vast catalog on the Bandcamp page for his label, Flower Room Records. His upcoming releases (Such as “Lilac of The Valley”, out October 6!) will be there soon and the recent release, “On Garudan Wing” can be found directly here. Additionally Matt mentioned a few other projects such as his brother’s group, Heron Hemingway and his own group, Water Babies. Do check those out.

The depth of the Flower Room Records catalog is impressive and well worth your time. It’s worth noting that the vinyl pressings are always lovely sounding and beautiful.

As mentioned at the top of the show, my latest album, “So Below” comes out on October 6. You can find it on my bandcamp page, There are CDs, lathe-cut LPs and, digital downloads available. 

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