Dave Heumann

Greetings Dead Freaks!
For this episode, I’m thrilled to welcome Dave Heumann to the show. Dave is the long-time leader of Baltimore’s Arbouretum and has great new solo release entitled “Guitar Tapes Vol 1” out now (and coming soon on LP.) We discuss these projects and more including (obviously) Grateful Dead.

You can find “Guitar Tapes Vol 1” on Bandcamp via https://daveheumann.bandcamp.com/album/guitar-tapes-vol-1. It’s an exploration of Heumann’s current state of affairs guitar-wise and reveals a thoughtful and engaged hand and tone. 

Arbouretum’s latest album, “Let It All In” is also on Bandcamp at https://arbouretum.bandcamp.com/album/let-it-all-in. Go here for great songs written and sung by Dave Heumann and captured by a terrific incarnation of his long running band.

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