Chris Funk of The Decemberists

This episode features a chat with Chris Funk, guitarist of The Decemberists, who has a new solo album out. We get into those things as well as Chris’ history as a Deadhead, listening to some of his music along the way, before diving into a heavy slice of Grateful Dead music.

Chris Funk’s new album, The Painted Porch, is available at Jealous Butcher Records and via Bandcamp. All profits from Bandcamp sales will be donated to the COVID-19 Oregon Musicians’ Relief Fund through the Jeremy Wilson Foundation. For more information please visit their website here:

I also spend a little time talking about Bandcamp’s “Bandcamp Friday” campaign. They will once again be waiving all fees and passing 100% on sales directly to member artists and labels on June 5th. This is an effort to help musicians make it though these challenging times when shows simply aren’t possible. You can learn more about that here at Bandcamp’s Blog.

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