Buck Curran


Greetings Dead Freaks! In this episode I chat with Buck Curran, a terrific musician known for his work as one half of Arborea as well as his more recent, excellent, solo work. His third solo album, No Love Is Sorrow, is a lovely release that came out as the pandemic took hold. Buck spoke to me from his home in Bergamo, Italy where he has weathered the pandemic and things are just now starting to reopen. In addition to his music and the madness of the past year we talked about his early influences, English Folk, and even some of our shared stomping grounds from many years ago. After the chat, there’s a healthy dose of Grateful Dead waiting for you.

Buck Curran’s music with Arborea is available via Arborea.Bandcamp.com. His solo work as well as things like the Jack Rose compilation and the Martin Simpson workshop recording can be found via his label, Obsolete Recordings, also on Bandcamp at ObsoleteRecordings.Bandcamp.com. Or you can go directly to Now Love Is Sorrow by following this link.

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