Aaron Feder

It’s episode 120 and my guest is Aaron Feder, Barcelona-based leader of Afro Dead and music director for Guinean singer Sia Tolno. Afro Dead merges the Grateful Dead material we love with the sounds of African music and Aaron Feder breaks it down for you and I. We’ll hear a sample of their work and then get into a dose of Good ol’ Grateful Dead.

Sia Tolno’s website is http://siatolno.com. Head over there for more information and some tunes or check your favorite streaming service for her music. I cannot recommend it enough.

You can find the full scoop on Afro Dead at their website http://afrodead.com/. In addition to sound-clips you’ll find the tourdates (do check over there for updates, additions and more) and other news. 

Sia Tolno/Afro Dead U.S. Summer Tour dates are:

6/16 – France Rocks Presents – Lincoln Center: David Rubenstein Atrium, NYC

6/17 – Zen Barn – Waterbury Center, Vermont

6/18 – Next Stage & The Stone Church Presents – Putney, Vermont

6/20 – Black Iris – Richmond, Virginia

6/21 – Get Tight Lounge – Richmond, Virginia

6/22 – The Hill Center – Washington, DC

6/24 – Highlands Center At Cape Cod National Seashore – North Truro, Massachusetts

6/30 – Relix & Brooklyn Bowl Presents – Brooklyn Bowl – Brooklyn, NYC

7/6 – The Goodfoot – Portland, Oregon

7/7 & 7/8 – Oregon Country Fair – Veneta, Oregon

7/11 – Moe’s Alley – Santa Cruz, California

7/12 – Sweetwater – Mill Valley, California

7/15 – Humboldt Brews – Arcata, California

7/18 – Winston’s – San Diego, California

7/21 – The Lodge Room – Los Angeles, California

7/26 – On Tour Brewing Co. – Chicago, Illinois (Trio Show: Sia, Yaya & Aaron)

7/28 – Underground Cocktail – Chicago, Illinois

7/29 – Atwood Fest – Madison, Wisconsin

8/2 – Teddy O’Brian’s – Highwood, Illinois

8/3 – Bob Stop – Cleveland, Ohio

8/5 – Founder’s Brewery – Grand Rapids, Michigan

8/6 – Dancing In The Streets Festival – Chicago, Illinois

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