027 – Getting To Know Jerry David DeCicca

Greetings, Dead Freaks! In this episode I sit down and chat with songwriter, Jerry David DeCicca, about his new album, Burning Daylight (out on 9/28 and available on Bandcamp), and his other album from this year, Time The Teacher (also at Bandcamp). We then get into his history as a Dead fan and wrap the whole thing up with some good old Grateful Dead.

You can delve into the Jerry David DeCicca’s work on his website, jerrydaviddecicca.com where you’l find tour dates and links to purchase his records. Please head on over and check out what he has to offer.

Also in this episode, I put in a word for the Love Hope Strength Foundation. They’re doing great helping to expand the International Bone Marrow Registry. Their current fundraiser includes a giveaway for a trip to Las Vegas to meet and to see Ozzy Osbourne. For details on the contest, go to Omaze.com/ozzy and to learn more about how you can help the Love Hope Strength Foundation, check out lovehopestrength.org.

I completely failed to mention the merch in this episode so I’ll just add here, you can still grab t-shirts, mugs (travel & otherwise), and stickers over on the Redbubble site.

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