019 – On The Oregon Trail with Jeff Conklin

Listeners and Dead Freaks, this episode features a terrific chat with WFMU host, Deadhead, and encyclopedia on far-out music of all kinds, Jeff Conklin. Jeff’s show on WFMU is The Avant Ghetto and there he spins all manner of psychedelic and experimental tunes including some terrific selections by our beloved Grateful Dead. We talk about his development as a Deadhead and then dug into studying the vast riches resulting from the Dead’s many visits to the great state of Oregon.

You can check out playlists and stream archived editions of Jeff’s WFMU show here and, if you like what you hear, please consider becoming a supporter of WFMU’s mission to keep freeform radio alive by donating. If you use the twitter, you can follow Jeff @avantghettonyc.

We had no choice but to spread this out into two episodes so there is more music and conversation coming up in a couple weeks. So please do enjoy this and come back for more!

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