018 – 50, 40, & 30 Years Ago

Coast, at least) the trees are blooming and the coldest days seem like they might be behind us. As such, I thought I might put together something to accompany the gradual warming, a little mix to go along with the first open-window days of the season. Plus, I did promise you kind and patient listeners a shot of good old Grateful Dead.

Wait no more.

This mix reaches back 50, 40, and 30 years to 1968, ’78, and ’88 for material. The tracks range from jams to cowboy songs and it hangs together despite the disparate eras represented. After the music, I do spend a few minutes detailing where the cuts come from so as to provide a little bit of context. So pull back the curtains, throw up the sash, crank the stereo and get on down.

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