013 – One-Off Venues: Set 2

It’s cold outside but the jams are nice and hot on this episode. This here is part two of our survey of shows from one-time venues. Andy is back once more and we’ve a whole new batch of tracks and venues to discuss.

This being set two, things get a little more loose and a lot weirder– Just the way I like them.

Thanks again to Andy, for coming on and bringing his wealth of Grateful Dead knowledge along with his sense of humor.  And thanks to you, kind listeners, for checking out the show.

Set Two Dancin’ In The Street (1970-05-06), Second That Emotion (1971-04-13), Dark Star > The Other One > St. Stephen > Drums… (1970-03-24), …Drums > Jam (1978-01-13), Around And Around > Johnny B. Goode (1980-06-20), Attics Of My Life (1970-10-24)