011 – Ghosts of New Years’ Past

This month we take a look at a few of those New Year’s Eve performances and play some choice cuts to help you close out your year. We’ve got the Rock & Roll, Blues, and, my personal favorite genre, Face-Melting Jams.

So, polish off the egg nog and break into the bubbly, cos we’re gonna party like it’s 1969.

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Set One 

China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider (69), Next Time You See Me (69), You Win Again (71), Big Boy Pete (69), Dire Wolf (70), Mister Charlie (71), Box Of Rain (72), Jam > Black Peter (71), Uncle John’s Band (69)

Set Two Sugar Magnolia* (72), Truckin’ > The Other One* > Morning Dew* (72), Sunshine Daydream* (72)

  *with David Crosby